The only IMAX in Latvia

Audiences have long deserved more than just a movie. They deserve a cinema experience that takes them to stunning new worlds and affects their senses and emotions.

What is IMAX?
IMAX is the best way to experience cinema. IMAX image on a large floor-to-ceiling screen that gives you the feeling that the image is all around you. You are in the center of events.. You are in the movie..

In the first and only IMAX cinema hall in Latvia, you can enjoy the most intense movie-watching experience - a 4K laser projection system that has a new optical engine and a set of patented IMAX technologies that provide increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast, as well as the brightest, exotic colors that are ever available on screen.

IMAX - 12-channel sound technology that provides greater dynamic range and fidelity for the ultimate in audio immersion.

What does IMAX bring to viewers?

  • Sharpness: experience incredible detail in every image with sharper, clearer and sharper images that deliver an increased level of realism on high-end screens.
  • Brightness: The laser provides increased levels of brightness to fill IMAX screens with the brightest and most lifelike images in 2D and 3D.
  • Contrast: Dramatically higher levels of contrast in every frame provide a level of depth that draws you into the world of the film.
  • Color: The widest range of colors available to filmmakers to deliver the most vibrant, deepest and richest colors ever before in IMAX.
  • Sound: Next-generation 12-channel sound systems with a perfectly tuned integrated sound and speaker system deliver powerful and powerful sound that lets you feel every big banger. All this for the viewer to enjoy the most impressive movie watching experience in the world, with sound that can be felt.

Whether you're fighting crime in the big city, jetting off to a galaxy far, far away or getting to the dinosaurs, IMAX will take you there.

One of the main goals of IMAX is to push the limits of possibilities and do things that have never been available in cinema before.

Enjoying films in IMAX is the world's most vivid cinema experience.

Enjoy movies on the IMAX screen only at Apollo Kino!

Currently available IMAX movies:

Dune: Part II

Coming soon in IMAX:

29.03.2024 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
12.04.2024 Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
26.04.2024 The Fall Guy
24.05.2024 Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
30.08.2024 Kraven the Hunter