Apollo Kino Plaza

"Apollo Kino Plaza" is located on the second floor of the fashion and entertainment center "Rīga Plaza", next to the sports bar and entertainment center "O'Learys" and the sushi restaurant - "MySushi". Visitors' new cinema experience starts from the moment they buy a ticket, because "Apollo Kino" is a cinema where visitors can buy both tickets and selected drinks and snacks at specially equipped self-service counters. The checkout system is designed to make the purchase process quick, easy and pleasant for every customer, avoiding the usual queues at checkouts.
Visitors are offered 8 different auditoriums, including the exclusive "Vintage" cinema. There are 963 seats available in the cinema. When purchasing tickets, visitors have the opportunity to choose an auditorium, as well as one of three types of seats - comfortable, anatomically adjusted Club seats, newly designed Double sofas, and luxury Star seats, popular with customers - chairs with automatically adjustable backrest and footrest. Star seats are equipped with tablets from which you can order snacks and drinks during the show. In the vintage auditorium, you can enjoy the movie from unique sofas. In addition, each sofa has a tablet for ordering food and drinks.
Apollo Kino provides customers with the highest quality cinema experience. The cinema "Apollo Kino Plaza" is equipped with the latest world-class cinema technologies - Barco 4K digital projectors and Dolby 7.1. sound system - all this to make a visit to the cinema a real adventure.


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    Vintage zāle
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  • Club seats
  • Double sofas
  • Star seats
  • Vintage Double sofas
There are 8 auditoriums in the cinema. The cinema has a total of 963 audience seats.

The entrance to cinemas 1 - 8 is located on the 2nd floor of the cinema.

Entrance to Apollo Kino Plaza from Mon. to Sat. after 21.00 through the entrance "Roma" or the roof entrance "Paris".

Entrance to Apollo Kino Plaza - Sun. after 20.00 through the "Roma" entrance or the "Paris" roof entrance.

From Star seats - food orders from restaurants MySushi and Vapiano can be made until 20.45, , drinks from O'Learys are available until 8.45pm (Sun - Wed) and until 10.45pm (Fri - Sat).

Ticket prices

  • From Monday to Thursday
    Fridays until 16:59

    Fridays from 5:00 p.m
    On holidays and public holidays

    Vintage auditorium
    From Monday to Thursday
    Fridays until 16:59

    Vintage auditorium
    Fridays from 5:00 p.m
    On holidays and public holidays

  • Apollo Club
    member price

    7,19 €
    Regular price 7,99 €
    8,09 €
    Regular price 8,99 €
    8,19 €
    Regular price 9,10 €
    9,09 €
    Regular price 10,10 €
    13,49 €
    Regular price 14,99 €
    14,49 €
    Standarta cena 16,10 €
  • Child ticket price
    (up to 12 years)

    4,49 €
    5,49 €
    5,19 €
    5,99 €
    10,79 €
    11,49 €
  • Seniors
    ticket price
    (with senior citizen's certificate)

    4,59 €
    5,59 €
    10,89 €
    Regular movie

Conditions for purchasing and using a ticket

Ticket prices are available at the cinema's self-service ticket offices, on the internet and in the mobile app.
All ticket prices are in EUR, including VAT (21%).
Tickets can be purchased on the website and mobile application until the start of the show. When the screening starts, information about the screening is no longer displayed on the website and mobile application, and ticket purchase is possible only at the cinema on site: 

  • In self-service kiosks, tickets can be purchased 10 minutes after the start of the show;
  • Tickets can be purchased at the information desk 30 minutes after the start of the show;

Detailed information on ticket prices for a specific screening is available by selecting a screening.

The cinema reserves the right to set an individual ticket price for individual screenings, specifying it next to the specific screening.

Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, gift ticket is not valid for special screenings, events and promotions.

Please note that the film repertoire and screenings for the following week (starting from Friday to Thursday) are planned every Monday and released on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

  • Before purchasing tickets, the Apollo Club member must identify himself with a personal QR code at the self-service ticket counters;
  • A member of the Apollo Club can buy tickets with a 10% discount from the standard price (the discount does not apply to tickets for children and special events);
  • An Apollo Club member can purchase a maximum of 9 tickets per show, in one purchase;
  • At the time of ticket purchase, the employee of the cinema has the right to ask to present an identity document, observing the age restrictions of the films. In the event that an identity document is not presented, the cinema employee has the right not to sell tickets and not to allow persons who have not reached the specified age into the cinema hall (Apollo Kino film classifier is based on the rules of film classification developed by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.  The purpose of film classification is to protect children from harmful films content and inform parents or accompanying children about the harmful content of the film). More information about age restrictions can be found under Age Restrictions.
  • For persons using wheelchairs, the visit to the cinema is free of charge (the customer sits in his wheelchair in a specially designated place). If the customer wishes to sit in a cinema seat, a discounted ticket* must be purchased. Specially designated places for wheelchairs are located in all halls (except Restaurant Halls, Star Hall and Star seating areas);
  • People with disabilities (groups 1, 2 and 3) and their accompanying person receive discounts on cinema screenings*. Before purchasing tickets, it is necessary to present certificates;
  • A child up to the age of 3 (inclusive) does not need to purchase a cinema ticket if the child does not occupy a separate seat;
  • Tickets purchased from us in the cinema or on the website cannot be changed or returned (in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 255);
  • Apollo Kino reserves the right to change ticket prices without prior notice.

​* ​Children's ticket or Senior ticket price


At Apollo Kino Plaza, it is possible to watch movies in 3D format as well. To create the most realistic impression - we use the best 3D technologies that guarantee a colorful, bright, saturated and clear image.

Terms of Use for 3D Glasses:

  • You will receive 3D glasses from the  employee before the start of the screening;
  • After the screening, please hand over the 3D glasses to the staff;
  • Upon receiving the 3D glasses, you should make sure of their technical condition, and if you find any defects, you should immediately contact the cinema staff and exchange them.  If defects are reported after entering the cinema, the cinema will consider them as defects caused by the customer himself;   
  • It is not recommended to touch the glasses of 3D glasses, it may damage the glasses; In case of damage or loss of 3D glasses – a fine of EUR 70.00;
  • 3D glasses are also suitable for owners of optical glasses, as they can also be placed over other glasses.

 Apollo Kino provides viewers with the latest generation of technology and an unparalleled cinema experience and new active 3D glasses - X106 Evolution by XPAND Vision.

Xpand is best known for providing the ultimate 3D experience! Xpand X106 active 3D glasses meet all the latest movie requirements. The glasses have a reputation for the highest reliability in the 3D imaging market and are considered the most powerful 3D solution available. The glasses are made of high-quality materials, with integrated jump points and replaceable batteries, which make them easy to use, light, stylish and durable at the same time.

Advantages of the Xpand system:

  • Xpand glasses are also suitable for owners of optical glasses, as they can be placed over other glasses, they are suitable for both adults and children.
  • The glasses have an automatic on and off mechanism that saves battery power.
  • More than 550 hours of active 3D cycle per battery.
  • Over 40% lighter than the standard industry standard X101 3D glasses.
  • The Xpand X106 is a great 3D experience no matter where the viewer sits in the movie theater.

Contact and location

"Apollo Kino Plaza" is located in the fashion and entertainment center "Rīga Plaza".

Working hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:00-22:00
Working hours may change on holidays.

Customer support service e-mail: info@apollokino.lv
The working hours of the customer support service info@apollokino.lv are every working day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
At other times, we invite you to contact the cinema INFO cash desks.
Information phone about films and screening times: 1189
 (payphone: https://www.sonido.lv/tarifi/,
"The conversation may be recorded for quality control purposes").

Rīga Plaza | Mukusalas street 71, Riga