Family Evening at Apollo Kino

Family Evening for the whole family!

Every Tuesday evening, Apollo Kino Akropole Rīga, Apollo Kino Plaza and Apollo Kino Domina hold a Family Evening, where everyone is offered a special price for a visit to the cinema - a special event ticket from EUR 3.99 for 2D films and from EUR 4.99 for 3D films.*

The same ticket price for both adults and children - Special event ticket from 3.99 EUR!
*When purchasing Double Seats, must pay + 0.90 EUR.
When purchasing Star seats, must pay + 6.30 EUR.

Apollo Kino for being together!

Family Evening Offer:
Animation movie "My freaky family"

About the movie:
On the verge of her 13th birthday, Betty Flood has a choice - to be human and normal, as her mother wants, or fabulously freakish like the rest of her family. But for that, she needs to learn magic. Betty’s choices will incur the wrath of a vengeful King, put her family in mortal danger and lead an uprising against a host of magical foes. As Betty learns the truth of her magical heritage, she’ll discover that the weird, the magical and the musical are all a part of... Being Betty Flood.

Movie dubbed in Latvian and Russian with subtitles in Latvian.

Lenght: 1h 27min
Rating: Universal Audience